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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Funday

I woke up this morning to the most beautiful cotton candy sky and view of Mt. Rainer. There's nothing better than starting my day with such a wonderful view.
I very recently moved with my boyfriend to my mom and step dad's house. We bought an RV trailer and I remodeled the inside to make it into a little apartment.  To most people this sounds crazy or white trash or just plain bad, but I am finding that I love our tiny home. It's ours 100% and that makes me so happy. This also gives us the gift of time to save money. Most people are not given such a gift,  and I am blessed to have been.
This opportunity makes it possible for me to start the process with my insurance to look into getting my lap band. I am still not sure what the costs will be. My insurance company has a very specific process and I have to be approved for the surgery by a case manager before they will let me know what the costs will be. I suppose this gives a person the chance to really decide based on health and not financials. Either way, my decision has been made and come what may for the rest of it.
I anticipate that my father will be the hardest person to convince this is the right decision.  I am 27, so I don't need his approval to get it done, but he is still my dad so it weighs on me. I was at his house yesterday and thought about telling him a few times, but I chickened out. Conflict is not one of my strong suits. I don't like to fight and I really don't like to disappoint my parents. My being overweight has always been a disappointment to my dad though.  He wouldn't put it in those words but like they say actions speak louder than  words.
Maybe once I get the approval from the case manager and some more information I will tell him... I'm undecided. Maybe I just get the procedure done and not tell him until I see it's working.  My mom and step dad know. My grandparents know. My boyfriend knows. They support me. My grandparents support me most,  but that has pretty much always been true. I am not ashamed of my decision,  but I do not want to deal with a lot of negativity either. Is this something that most people go through? 
Well, today I am going to be nesting in my tiny house.  Organization is key! Happy Sunday Funday and thanks for reading.