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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I Am Still Alive!

Hello Everyone,

I am still alive! I have just been a terrible blogger since surgery.  Most of my updating happens on Instagram these days (jessicavsg).  Since surgery, a lot has happened.  Here is the quick and dirty:

  • I re-vamped my love of crochet/crafting
  • I began to SELL my crochet projects
  • I opened an etsy store Once A Ball of Yarn
  • I GOT ENGAGED!! (ps. tots made that mug >>>>)
  • aaaannnnddd I got a promotion.

Life is good!  Here are a few photo updates and my stats!
16 weeks PO
HW: 312
SW: 303
CW: 265

and I made this hat...

and this one....

and the batman mask...

all these sweet creations can be found on my etsy shop...

Including this rose....