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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Short Hair Don't Care!

I was considering waiting until I was post-op and dropped like 50lbs or so to get a haircut.... but why wait to feel good until after I have surgery?!?

Crazy haircut story:

I went to a Hairmasters that I had never been to in a town that isn't super close to where I live, but I just felt like that was the best one to go to for some reason. My hair stylist is a younger chick named Ali. She is super cute and bubbly and we start talking about my Harry Potter phone case and random fan girl nerdy/geeky stuff.  Near the end of my hair cut when she was blow drying my hair, she started saying goodbye to the other hairstylist. She was saying good luck for her cardiologist and hope she clears him for surgery (anytime anyone mentions surgery now I auto think WLS) and the other lady responds with "he better! I didn't pay all this money and haven't been on a liquid diet for a week for nothing!"  DING DING DING! So I pipe up being the nosey-B I am, "Are you having WLS?"  YEP! She sure was... She is going to be getting sleeved.... Like me!

So totally random hair place at a totally random time, and I make a new WLS friend. We started yapping about different protein powders and websites to find supplements and all sorts of stuff. I gave her my number so she can keep in touch with me. Love it!!

Oh and here is the haircut......

A picture is worth 1000 words... so that is all :)