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Monday, April 21, 2014

Pre-Op Headgames 2014!

In the past week or so I have found myself gravitating towards post-op behaviors. I am not making an active decision usually, its just what I am craving. For example, today I went to the cafĂ©/mini store at work for a snack-lunch and grabbed cottage cheese, peaches, some cheese and a high protein milk shake (with a shot espresso).  These are all things that I like, and most of them are things I hear/see/read post-op sleevers/banders talking about eating.

Over the weekend, I found myself using smaller plates/bowls. I had been feeling like a cavernous pit of empty two weeks ago, and now I feel like I get full on a lot less. Pre-op head games.
I am happy for the change in direction. It will help to easy my system into these changes. Hopefully my body will not have such a shock this way. No matter what I do pre-op it will be a transition, but can’t hurt right?
Still going to the gym in the mornings. Nothing too crazy, just cardio right now. I am trying to build in the habit and then I will pump up the intensity.

Had an awesome beachy easter weekend with some family and the boyf. Went digging for razor clams.. and by went I mean my dad, step mom and step sister went clamming and I stayed and watched in the house. Moral support.  I didn’t get my license and didn’t want to risk it.  Still fun. We went to the crab races and walked around town.  It’s the 3rd weekend in a month I have spent out there.

Feeling super sleepy today even with my morning gym sesh. Need to work on getting to sleep earlier. My goal tonight is to be in bed by 7…. This way I can hopefully be sleeping my 830-9. We’ll seeeeeeeeeeeee!