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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hurry up and wait... hurry up and wait... and again, hurry up and wait!

Sooooo I finally had my intake consultation on April 17th.

Great. Wonderful! LETS DO ITTTTT!

I got a bunch of tests and referrals ordered. Completed everything by 4/29. Not bad. I took the first appts that I could get for everything.

Pre-op class June 6th. Thats the soonest I could get scheduled. Damn.

Once I get all tests done I can schedule my Pre-Op visit, ok!

Call today....


Thats the first one? :(

Surgery is usually scheduled 1-2months AFTER the pre-op visit.

So I am looking at August most likely.

Which makes me pout a little, but I know its for the best. August is the slowest time at work, and by then I will have enough paid time off accrued to take off 3 weeks. SO BUCK UP BUTTERCUP!  Time to enjoy life before surgery.