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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Consultation Visit CHECK!

I was so excited for this appt today at 9:30am... 9:30.... 9:35.... 9:45 WTF why hasn't she called?  EMAIL..... 10:00....10:15 SERIOUSLY?!  VOICEMAIL..... 10:30 Call main office... Told to wait.... 10:45 ring ring... FINNALLLLLYYY

The scheduler entered my phone number incorrect.. lovely.

So she asks me a bunch of medical history questions, what do i do for work, do i exercise, etc.

Clean bill of health.. just fat.... obese... morbidly obese.

So she tells me that I have a packet coming in the mail with a list of ALL the things I need to do PRIOR to scheduling my Pre-op appt with the surgeon that has to happen AFTER my class which is scheduled for June 6th. She will try to schedule it as soon after the class as she can but I have to complete the list first. CHALLENGE ON!  Oh and surgery is scheduled 6-8 weeks after  the pre-op appt. So I am looking at August/Sept for Surgery. Kind of bummed about that, but it will be ok.

Going today at lunch to get my lab work done. Its the easiest thing on the list.